Whether it is a structure of multi storied building

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Since the dawn of civilization, metals and materials have played a key role in the life of man. Without effective utilization of metals and materials the spectacular engineering achievements of the present age would not have been possible.

Whether it is a structure of multistoried building, a huge dam or whether they are components of machines they all lean heavily on metals in some form or the other. Not only stress condition but also the temperature effects have become important.

Until a decade or two age, engineering designs were based on available materials. By available is meant the properties that could be made available in the materials at hand. The position is now reversing and a time has now come when the designer can dictate the properties that he needs in the structure. This means that when a metal is put into use whatever it is a piece of a reinforcement bars or other things, it must have in it an optimum combination of mechanical properties, tensile strength or yield strength and ductility.

All of those properties can be developed and controlled by making a judicious use of methods and Sheema Automatic Re-Rolling Mills Ltd. (SARM) is a sincere follower of those metallurgical methods of steel making.

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