Why SARM Re-Bars dominate the market?

SARM TMT Re-Bars are the only ones in the market that provide:
• Consistent chemical & mechanical properties
• Fail-proof quality, as SARM TMT is manufactured with in-house Billets. They are rolled with internationally renowned technology under strictly controlled conditions in a sophisticated, completely automatic rolling mill.
• Strong Quality Control system reflecting the trust and confidence associated with the Brand.
• Excellent Metallurgical quality ensuring high yield points, surface hardness, toughness, ductility and weld ability.

Are SARM TMT Re-Bars more economic?

Yes, TMT Re-Bars are more economic than the other contenders in the market. The simple method for calculating the quantum of steel ensuring the load-bearing factor of a single re-enforced beam is given in the following table:

Type of Structure RCC Foundation, heavy beam, slab etc
IS: 1786 Fe 415 1.00MT
Steel requirement by using Yield Stress 415 N/mm2 of other Brand/ CTD Bars
SARM TMT Re-Bars using Yield Stress 460N/ mm2 0.90MT
Savings in steel using SARM TMT 0.1MT (100kg)


Hence, the total quantity of steel saved is 100 Kg per MT by using SARM TMT Re-Bars material in place of other equal grade materials available in the market. It leads to saving of 10% in cost.

Give me some information of SARM Product

PRODUCT INFORMATION Typical Mechanical Properties
• Yield Strength: 500 mpa (mm) [ 72500 psi] • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 575 mpa (mm) E 83,375 psi] • Elongation A 5 [14% (mm)]


Diamm Areamm2 Kg/M Meter/Ton Feet/Ton
8 50.27 0.39 2534 8313
10 78.54 0.61 1621 5320
12 113.10 0.88 1126 3694
16 201.06 1.57 633 2078
20 314.16 2.46 405 1330
22 380.13 2.98 335 1099
25 490.88 3.85 259 851
28 615.75 4.83 206 678
32 804.25 6.31 158 519
38 1134.11 8.90 112 368

Note: The above table shows the nominal masses per unit length and length per 1000 kg. Actual barsare rolled to within -3% (Max.) of nominal mass per unit length.

What is Billet?

Billet is the solid form of liquid metal given a shape in continuous casting plant (CCM) provided as a raw material to produce different sizes of MS DEFORMED BARS, ANGLES, CHANNELS and other steel products in rolling mill.

Billets are the appropriate raw material of MS DEFORMED BARS because the way of making billets in CCM is superior to the conventional one with regard to surface finish and internal porosity. There are many kinds of billets differ in sizes, shapes and grades. We produce 100mm x 100mm square, 60 grade and 40 grade billets for our rolling mill.

We also import billets for 40 grade deformed bars and angles from overseas to fulfill the increasing demand of the market but billets for 60 grade, we produce in our own care.