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High Yield Strength

The yield strength of Sheema Steel TMT 500W is at a minimum 500Mpa (72500 psi). Tt high strength is gained from the TMT process of our newly installed state-of-the-art rollii mill. This makes Sheema Steel TMT 500W an extremely safe option for civil construction even in earthquake zones. Sheema Steel TMT 500W is much stronger than convention bars and ensures over 20% stronger structure with the same quantity of steel.

Better Weldability

Sheema Steel TMT 500W has no brittle tendency during welding or cold deformation welding joints due to its unique chemical composition. This bar has superior weld-bail than conventional deformed bar. Due to its low carbon content, it can be butt-welded lap-welded using ordinary futile coated electrodes for matching strength.

Unique Corrosion Resistance

The Thermos Mechanical Treatment process results in a uniform and thick temper( martensite rim. The Re-Bars are free from internal stress, which result in superior corrosion( resistant characteristics compared to the traditionally cold twisted bars. Sheema Steel TN Re-Bars Have comparatively better corrosion properties as compared to other TMT Re-Bars

Good Ductility

More strength with higher elongation makes the concrete structure safe. Applying TN process on the low carbon steel assures elongation above 14% for Sheema Steel TN 500W. This unique feature of elongation displays better blending properties without crackit making the construction work easy and safe.

Economically Sound

The high Yield Strength (500Mpa), better weld-ability and less steel congestion saves tl volume of steel requirements in the construction works. Sheema Steel TMT 500W is roll in very close tolerance to the diameter ensuring accurate size and weight and ‘The Perfect Straight’ feature saves extra cost.