SARM steel melting shop comprising with 3 induction furnaces, [RE (Ladle refinery furnace) and Continuous casting machine (CCM) having capacity to produce 10,000 metric tons of MS BILLETS per month has played a significant roll to back up our production of MS DEFORMED BARS at our rolling mill.

Although we yet to reach our highest target of production for the interruption of power supply mainly, nevertheless, the achivement is notable. Our steel melting shop directed by qualified personnel where efficient employees and technicians working hand to achieve maximum production with ensuring quality.

There is a chemical laboratory having facility to analysis chemical composition of steel grades by most modern spectrometer and other sophisticated equipments to determine the percentage of Carbon. Managanese, Sulfur, Phosphorous and other elements. A purchaser has the opportunith to analysis the specimen from “SARM” bars to check the composition and deviations in accordance with standards.

There is a pollution control plant inside which works to remove hazardous particles from smoke emit at the time of melting process by keeping the environment sound and healthy. Maximum precaution for safety measure is strictly maintained.