I would like to express my gratitude and greetings to all the respected stakeholders for their continuous support and attention in achieving excellence in the performance of our company, SHEEMA AUTOMATIC RE-ROLLING MILLS LIMITED, also known as SARM LIMITED. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing me a unique opportunity to share and exchange our thoughts and views on the potentials and possibilities for going ahead.
Comprehending the demand for various types & sizes of steel products for construction & building purposes in local market, we have come up with SARM LIMITED. While we are excited about our results, we will continue to refine the execution of our growth strategy, which will be paramount given few uncertainties in our industry. To support efficient production and quick product supply to market, we are going to introduce new machinery and high capacity generator equipment for uninterrupted power supply & bring efficiency in production.
Fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen is integral to the sustainability of our businesses, and as such, we will continue to serve not only best quality, but use sound business practices as well. SARM LIMITED will become one of the competitive companies as steel products manufacturer in the industry. As we enter in a new dimension of our growth initiative, I am confident that our initiatives will continue to be effective for our business and clients. On behalf of the management and employees of SARM LIMITED, I thank you, for your continued support.
Thanking you,
Mohammed Mamun Uddin
Managing Director